Visceral Architecture - Curtis Oland

[CREATIVE] Fall/Winter 2017 Collection by Curtis Oland.

Premiered at Toronto Men's Fashion Week 2017.

Co-created with Dylan Mitro.

Dropbike - "Introduction"

[COMMERCIAL] Introducing bike-sharing service Dropbike to their audience. DoP: Aidan Tanner

Dropbike - "Using The App"

[COMMERCIAL] Walking users through how to use the Dropbike ( App.

For Every Occasion
Front Crawl (Official Music Video)

[CREATIVE] A girl seeks immortality. Official music video for "Bassilicult" by Profresher. Co-directed by myself and Aidan Tanner.

Artist statement available here.

Yeah... you guys are weird. Beautiful minds but like seriously wtf guys. - a_friendly

Amazing location! Really dug it. Where do you go to school? - Onceyougozach_